Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Compliance Program

At Dental Ed, Inc., we do things a little differently.  We don't just sell you a manual full of forms that you have to fill out.   We actually help you organize, complete and order the various forms, permits, certificates, supplies and services you will need to complete the compliance process.   We've been doing this since the whole thing started 22 years ago and we're always just a phone call away.

We begin by doing a "mock inspection" for not only OSHA, but also the S.D. County Health Dept., and the Dental Board of CA.  Then we design your training course which covers current requirements for these agencies as well as any observed areas of non-compliance.

We provide a file box with protocols for new employee training, safety needle assessment, needlestick protocol and ongoing safety training as well as a system to organize forms, receipts,  and certificates necessary for inspection.  We offer resources for agencies, companies, (non of whom we affiliate with), and services which can reduce cost and improve convenience.

We then offer ongoing website, phone and e-mail support to our clients to keep them informed throughout the year until we do their required OSHA annual update.  Once we have done training in the office, any staff member who has either missed the course or is newly hired may attend a course at another office during the year at no additional charge.

Our goal is to assist your staff in making this process of compliance as easy as possible.  You always work with the same people and we do the training, "in your office, at your convenience".

Courses Offered

Our courses for Infection Control and the California Dental Practice Act have been approved by the Dental Board of California for continuing education units (CEUs) for license renewal. 

The curriculum, as well as changes, must be submitted to the Board for pre-approval prior to training.  Only approved courses meet the requirement for license renewal .

Our goal is to assist your staff in making this process of compliance as easy as possible.  We do the training, "in your office, at your convenience", and you always work with the same people.

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Infection Control & OSHA Annual Update

Infection Control & OSHA Annual Update - This course covers the requirements for the Dental Board of California for Infection Control for license renewal every two years and OSHA annual review.   It covers diseases of concern in dentistry including HIV/AIDS,  Hepatitas B, Hepatitis C, TB), vaccinations, the continued requirement for a needle stick protocol, and the sharps injury program.  Personal Protective Equipment is reviewed as well as emerging diseases of concern and the implications in the dental field.


The California Dental Practice Act

The California Dental Practice Act - The course meets the Dental Board of California requirement for CEU license renewal every 2 years. There is a review of the requirements for license renewal, anesthesia and sedation, dental materials fact sheets, unprofessional conduct. 

Also included are requirements for CPR, auditing licensing renewals, sedation and orthodontic assistant certification and dental auxiliaries duties.


Biohazardous Waste & Hazardous Materials

Biohazardous Waste/Hazardous Chemicals Management - This course covers the S.D. County requirements for the disposal of the various waste streams generated from the dental office.  It includes the biomedical waste permit, sharps, amalgam, lead foil and fixer disposal, chemical labeling and storage, MSDS forms.    



Ergonomics - This course covers various ares of concern to those working in the dental field including front and back office staff.  Topics include repetative motion injuries, cumulitive trauma disorders and warning signs to these chronic conditions as well as modifications to equipment and tools which may assist in prevention and/or recovery.  Body mechanics are also discussed and how to prevent neck, back and shoulder pain.  For the front office staff, computer workstation design is evaluated with information on position, posture, equipment placement and eyewear to prevent glare and eyestrain.


Injury & Illness Prevention

Injury & Illness Prevention - This course covers the prevention and management of fire/earthquakes, egress, ergonomics, emergency action plan, and chemical exposure.  The care and maintenance of equiipment, as well as the use of appropriate personal protective attire are also reviewed. 


Management of Basic Medical Emergencies

The Management of Basic Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office - This course is done with a hands-on approach  to help the office prepare for the unllikely occurrance of a medical emergency.  Topics such as how to evaluate high risk patients and avoid potential problems and how to document an occurance if it occurs will be discussed.  The course will also include on-site demonstrations on use of emergency drugs and equipment with staff training to better prepare them while each team member with specific tasks to better prepare them should an incident actually occur.