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All About Us


Always here when you need us.

We provide ongoing support and help you with the day to day challenges of dealing with regulatory agencies.

We’ll assist you with completing forms in the mail.  Also, if you have an inspection, we’ll contact the agency on your behalf to assist you.

Our Process

At Dental Ed, Inc., we do things a little differently. We don't just sell you a manual full of forms that you have to fill out. We actually help you organize, complete and order the various forms, permits, certificates, supplies and services you will need to complete the compliance process. We've been assisting offices with regulatory compliance since1988 and we're always just a phone call away.


We begin by doing a 'mock inspection' for not only OSHA, but also the California Department of Public Health and the Dental Board of California. Then we design your training course which covers current requirements for these agencies as well as any observed areas of non-compliance.


We provide a file box with protocols for new employee training, safety needle assessment, needlestick protocol and ongoing safety training as well as a system to organize forms, records, and certificates necessary for inspection.


We offer resources for agencies, companies (none of whom we affiliate with), and services which can reduce cost and improve convenience.


We then offer ongoing website, phone and e-mail support to our clients to keep them informed throughout the year until we do their required OSHA annual update. Our goal is to assist your staff in making this process of regulatory compliance as easy as possible.

Our Mission

The mission of Dental Ed,

Inc. is to assist the dentist and their staff

with the often confusing process of
regulatory compliance. To provide California

Dental Board and Academy of General
Dentistry approved CEU education courses

and comprehensive written policies and

procedures. To provide ongoing website,

email and phone support. To offer on-site and virtual
training which allows the doctor and his staff

a convenient, cost-effective way to comply with regulations without having to take time away

from their busy practice.

Meet Our Team


Joyce Weeks, M.Sc., B.S. graduated from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth with a masters in Immunology and Global Health in 2014. She completed her undergraduate studies with a bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Colorado State University.


Joyce joined Dental Ed, Inc. in September of 2014 and became Owner in 2023. She brings a valuable resource with her knowledge of immunology and infectious disease. As the daughter of a dentist and dental infection control educator, she has assisted both in the varied aspects of their dental professions. This gives her unique insight into the need for education for PPE, disease transmission, vaccinations and prevention. 

Joyce Weeks, BS, MSc

April Cory.jpg

April Cory, RDH

April Cory, R.D.H. graduated from the Dental Hygiene department of the
University of Louisville School of Dentistry in 1999. For the past five years she has had the pleasure of being on the Dental Ed, Inc team.


With over 23 years of experience in the dental field, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge and is a passionate advocate for the protection of patients and staff from infectious exposure and ergonomic injury. April understands how difficult it can be to find practical ways to comply with OSHA and the California Dental Board regulations in a busy clinical practice. She assists with “on-site” training which addresses the specific needs of each office to implement necessary protocols as well written policies and procedures.

Joy Howard, BSN, Retired RN


Joy Howard, RN, BSN graduated from the School of Nursing, University of
Portland in1975. After providing a practical, hands-on approach to Infection Control and OSHA Compliance in the San Diego County area for 35
 years, Joy retired from Dental Ed, Inc in 2023. 


Although she no longer teaches courses, Joy has been a guest speaker for UCSD, the Filipino Dental Society, the San Diego County Dental Assistants Society, the San Diego County Dental Hygiene Society, the San Diego and Imperial County Dental Societies, the San Diego County and National Academies of General Dentistry and the California Dental Association.

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